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State Contacts

State contacts organize to get signatures on the Declaration in their local communities and work to get the Declaration into the hands of officials who influence policy in their state. Each state that currently has a contact is hyperlinked to a state page with contact information in the list below.

Current Laws

Birth Certificates - Most states allow sex changes on birth certificates, either by “correcting” the requestor’s original birth certificate, or issuing a brand new birth certificate.

States that do not require SRS/medical intervention to change sex on birth certificate: Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Minnesota, South Dakota, Arizona, Oklahoma, Kansas, Illinois, Indiana, Mississippi, New York, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Pennyslvania, Colorado, New Mexico, New Jersey, Maryland, Massachusetts, Conneticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire.

States that DO require proof of SRS to change sex on birth certificate: Alaska, North Dakota, Nebraska, Texas, Lousiana, Missouri, Arkansas, Iowa, Michigan, Wisconsin, Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Maine, Delaware.

States that forbid sex change on birth certificate: Ohio, Tennessee

Driver’s Licenses - All states allow gender to be changed on one’s driver’s license. Most states’ requirements for a driver’s license change are less stringent than for a birth certificate sex change. For example, Virginia requires SRS for a birth certificate change, but a doctor’s note is accepted for a driver’s license change. Requirements vary by state, but every state allows it.

US Passport - A physician’s statement that expresses that “the applicant has had appropriate clinical treatment for gender transition to the new gender” is needed to change gender on one’s passport. This does not refer to SRS (as it did pre-2010). This statement could refer to HRT, counseling, or other services, depending on the physician.

“Gender X” Options - The US federal government does not recognize a third gender on national identity documents, but several states have begun recognizing and giving third gender identification options on state documents.

States that recognize “non-binary” genders or “Gender X” (for driver’s licenses): Arkansas, California, Colorado, Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Vermont, Washington DC, Washington State, Maryland, New Hampshire, Massachusetts

What does this all mean?

If your federal/state identification documents allow you to change sex, you are seen as your chosen sex in the eyes of the law.

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