Kind words from women around the world

Lesbian Action for Visibility in Aotearoa (LAVA)

"The connections between and among women…

… are the most feared, the most problematic, and the most potentially transforming force on the planet." Adrienne Rich

'In the fight against the insidious blight that is identity ideology, we cannot hope to win if we stand alone. To amplify women’s voices globally, to increase our influence and realise our potential, we need to join forces. There are countless groups tirelessly working towards this goal. The one that could unite us all is the Women’s Declaration International. If you haven’t read and signed the declaration - now’s the time to do it. Watch their short introductory video, and then head over to their Youtube Channel, which has hundreds of amazing short and longer videos. Women from across the globe talking about their stance, their hopes, their ideas - and all of us united in the fight against the erasure of women’s sex-based rights, the distortion of language, destruction of traditions, and the eradication of common knowledge.'