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DISCLAIMER: Women’s Declaration International (WDI) hosts a range of women from all over the world on Feminist Question Time (FQT) and Radical Feminist Perspectives (RFP) and on webinars hosted by country chapters – all have signed our Declaration or have known histories of feminist activism - but beyond that, we do not know their exact views or activism. WDI does not know in detail what they will say on webinars. The views expressed by speakers in these videos are not necessarily those of WDI and we do not necessarily support views or actions that speakers have expressed or engaged in at other times. As well as the position stated in our Declaration on Women’s Sex-based Rights, WDI opposes sexism, racism and anti-semitism. For more information see our Frequently Asked Questions or email [email protected]

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You can see recordings of previous panels on our YouTube Channel, or listen to them on our Anchor.fm podcast.

Invitation to Feminist Question Time - a women-only event

Saturdays 3-4.30pm UK time (GMT)

8 October 2022

Borbála Juhász, Hungary, Hungary: anti gender ideology raised to state level: Phase II.

Christina Ellingsen, Norway, Update from Norway

Claudia, UK, Censorship in the visual arts and how that has enabled the attack on feminist artists

Yal Bano, Afghanistan, The women situation after the Taliban take over of Afghanistan

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Radical Feminist Perspectives - Sundays at 10am UK time

Our new webinar series, Radical Feminist Perspectives, offers a chance to hear leading feminists discuss radical feminist theory and politics. Every Sunday at 10am UK time. Register here.

Sunday 9 October: “Towards the abolition of surrogate Motherhood”, by ICAMS, discussed by Anna-Luana Stoicea Deram

10am UK time / 5am EST, 7pm Sydney, Australia

Previous webinars:

Visit the WDI YouTube channel here for our extensive collection of videos from our previous webinars and launches. Our videos feature women from all over the world talking about women's rights, gender ideology and feminism in their countries.

The recordings are also available in audio format on our Anchor.fm podcast.

RFP - books coming up (occasionally subject to change):

Webinar series - Perspectivas Radicais em Português

Read the full programme in Portuguese and English.

Our weekly online webinars are attended by a global feminist and activist audience of between 300-400. Hear from some brilliant women speakers and participate in our online chat. The main focus is how gender ideology is harming the rights of women and girls.

Webinar links and resources:

Women share a lot of useful links and resources during our webinars. See what has been shared during each webinar. You can also check out WDI's extensive collection of resources on the topic of gender identity and women's rights.