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Legal recognition of 'gender' (identity)

In Slovenia, one can change sex marker (500 M, 505 F) on unique master citizen number (EMŠO) after acquiring a certification of “transsexualism”. No medical intervention (hormone therapy or surgery) is needed, apart for a letter of affirmation by a psychiatrist. The procedure is the same regardless of age, minors only need parental consent.

One has to arrange for an appointment at the Interdisciplinary Council for the Gender Identity Affirmation operating within the Outpatient Clinic for Sexual Health (or Outpatient Clinic for Children and Adolescents in case of a minor) at The Centre for Mental Health, University Psychiatric Clinic Ljubljana. The individual presents their case to a psychiatrist, then the medical council decides on the further course. The psychological therapy usually consists of three separate visits, each about three hours long. Besides conversation, different types of tests are carried out, among them the Rorschach test.

After the completion of this step, one can, if they want, begin the hormonal treatment by signing a letter of consent. Testosterone therapy for females begins with a gel AndroTop, followed after a few months by injections Nebido. Adult males get anti-androgen blockers, Aldactone gel and then Estrofem in tablets, gel or patch; they take anti-androgens until they opt (if they do) for orchiectomy (removal of testes), and they stay on estrogen for life, if they continue on this path. Health insurance covers for those with a certificate: hormones, mastectomy, breast implants, reduction of Adam's apple and genital surgery (hysterectomy, metoidioplasty, phalloplasty; vaginoplasty). If approved in Slovenia, the surgery is carried out in Serbia; it takes one to three months to get a reply to the application for the surgery. Covered by the Slovene health insurance in this case are: air ticket, taxi, expenses for a hospital stay, food, apartment for the time spent in Serbia after the surgery, including for a companion.