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Help WHRC complain to the UN

Please support WHRC by sending a complaint to the UN to let them know how gender ideology is undermining women's rights. Anyone, including individuals, can complain to the United Nations, using this link
Your email can include lots of detail, or just a small amount. The link explains how to do it. Several WHRC women are doing this, so if you want some advice send an email to [email protected] and we can try to answer your questions. So far we know of four complaints going in about the damage done by gender ideology. Please help to increase that number so the United Nations hears our concerns.

WHRC India blog launches

WHRC in India has launched a blog page. Read our first article

If you have a story or would like to help or comment please contact our editorial team on [email protected]

Sex-based rights around the world

Trans-identified man in India hopes to become 'mother'

A trans-identified man in India has frozen his semen in the hope of having a child some day through surrogacy that he could claim to 'mother'. 

Keira Bell case has an effect in Australia

Following the Keira Bell ruling in London, children with gender dysphoria will have to get court approval before any hormonal treatment can be given at a gender clinic in Australia. 

Hundreds of feminists gather in Glasgow

The #WomenWontWheesht gathering in Glasgow in support of Marian Millar took place yesterday. Hundreds of women (and some men) turned up to show support. Marian's court date has been moved to 17 August. 

'Trans' author Helen Joyce smeared after book publication

Helen Joyce has been smeared by trans activists on social media following publication of her book 'Trans: When Ideology Meets Reality', which has been reviewed positively in several papers.

Court in California strikes down 'misgendering' case

The Court of Appeal in California has struck down part of a state law that made it a criminal offence for state employees at long-term healthcare facilities to refer to patients using pronouns related to their biological sex.

Green Party leader quits over 'trans rights'

Sian Berry has quit as joint leader of the Green Party in England and Wales, stating party 'inconsistency' over trans rights. Sources suggest an issue Shahrar Ali, who criticises gender ideology, who is Green Party spokesperson for policing and domestic safety. 

Vagina Museum urges people to stop using 'women and girls'

London's Vagina Museum has used its Twitter account to urge people to stop using 'gendered' language and instead refer to women and girls as 'people who menstruate' or 'people who have periods'.

JK Rowling subject to new threats

Harry Potter author, JK Rowling, is treated to another barrage of abuse from trans activists after tweeting in support of childbirth expert Milli Hill. 


WHRC Brasil contributes to manifesto against the silencing of women

"Nós, mulheres e organizações de esquerda, apresentamos através deste Manifesto nosso repúdio às recorrentes práticas de silenciamento de mulheres e aos ataques ao nosso direito constitucional à liberdade de expressão e à luta pelos nossos direitos. No Brasil, assim como no mundo, estamos sofrendo ameaças e acusações de "transfobia" apenas por defender nossos direitos com base no sexo biológico."

"We, women and organizations of the left, present through this Manifesto our disavowal of the recurrent practices of silencing women and of the attacks on our constitutional right to freedom of expression and on the fight for our rights. In Brazil, as is happening worlwide, we are constantly suffering threats and accusations of "transphobia" simply for talking about our sex-based rights." Add your name here


WHRC webinar with Alda Facio - 1 August 2021

WHRC Argentina has organised a webinar which takes place on 1 August at 8 pm (London time). It is on '"'Yogyakarta Principles' impact on women's rights" with Costa Rican jurist and Latin America human rights expert, Alda Facio. It is sponsored by the Women's Museum of Buenos Aires, the Association of Women of Legal Career, Argentina, and the Public Lawyers College, La Plata. Register here



As WHRC becomes more well known we are facing more criticism from trans activists. Our FAQ is in the process of being updated but in the meantime if you would like to respond to any criticism you come across on social media or elsewhere the FAQ has some excellent responses you can use. 

Notes on Radical Feminism

This blog on radical feminist literature and theory is by one of our contributors, a radical feminist in India. 

Gender poll results from Ireland

Irish women's organisation, The Countess, commissioned an independent survey into public attitudes towards gender. It revealed strong support for single sex spaces, services and sports. 

Dutch puberty-blocker pioneer speaks out

This article on 4th Wave Now, published in March this year, reports on the Dutch puberty blocker pioneers who are now expressing concern about the large number of transitioners and are asking the rest of the world to stop 'blindly adopting our research'. Original article in Dutch here

Trans: When Ideology Meets Reality

New book by Helen Joyce on sale at Blackwells (international shipping available).