About Us

Women's Human Rights Campaign (WHRC) is a group of volunteer women from across the globe dedicated to protecting women's sex-based rights. Our volunteers include academics, writers, organizers, activists, and health practitioners, and aim to represent the total breadth of the human female experience across races and boundaries.

The Declaration on Women's Sex Based Rights was created by the founders of WHRC to lobby nations to maintain language protecting women and girls on the basis of sex rather than "gender" or "gender identity".

We are a female-only group, and men are invited to support the cause by donating.


WHCR relies on a dedicated team of volunteers from across the globe to help us take action. Volunteers manage our social media, translations, tech, graphic design, lobbying, and more! We invite women with time and skills they wish to donate to the cause to get involved.

Country Contacts

Country Contacts are responsible for helping with translation and dissemination of the Declaration in their country, collecting signatures on the declaration, representing their countries interests in lobbying efforts, and providing news and updates about what is happening in their country.

If you would like to become a Country contact, please fill out this form.